April 12, 2015

Peek At Our Week: Grow, Baby, Grow!

Happy Sunday night!  Anyone else have a crazy-busy weekend?  I need a weekend from this weekend, if you know what I'm saying...

Anyway, we have been immersed in our life cycles unit!  Last week was all about those plants... We were elbow-deep (quite literally) in dirt as we planted a variety of items and learned all about the life cycles of various plants.  

This week, we will be learning all about animal life cycles.  Our classroom will, quite literally, turn into a zoo when we welcome chicks, tadpoles, ladybugs, and butterflies into our classroom.  I am a little nervous about the chicks, because I've never ever had good luck with hatching the eggs.  Thank goodness I can run to our local farm supply store for a few baby chicks during my lunch hour if the chicks don't hatch... 

We will also participate in a PBL project involving the childhood classic, Make Way for Ducklings.  I have used this lesson example many times while presenting on Project-Based Learning.  To begin, I read the story to the students.  Then, I pose the question, "What would be a safe environment for the duckling family?"  After we have brainstormed, I break the kids into groups, give them some random art supplies, and let them go to town creating a model of a safe environment for the ducklings.  

Here are some wonderful examples from some of my presentations I have done.  Aren't they ADORABLE?!?!

Click my plans to get more details...

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  1. I love your lesson plans, but I love your amount of recess time too! We only get a measly 15 minutes!

  2. I adore how you post your plans visually. I think it would help me remember where my resources are! And your Ipad stations can just be posted for the kids to see! :) Good thinking!