April 13, 2015

Grow, Baby, Grow... Station Activities and All About The Frogs!!! (Day 1)

This week is all about animal life cycles!  

To kick off life cycles week, we used our FAVORITE RESOURCE EVER from TPT...

And read this wonderful book...

To introduce the wonderful world of oviparous animals!

After reading our book, we kicked off the day with literacy stations.  Here is some of the FUN, FUN, FUN we had while learning...

Write the Room (from my pack)

Five in a Row (Working on blends! From Deanna's Frog Frenzy pack)

Spelling City (because it's GREAT practice!)

Sight Word Search (from Growing Kinders Going Buggy pack)

Literacy stations for this week came from these resources...

Math stations this week also focus on the oviparous animal theme...

Flip a Frog game...  Kids get 10 frogs and flip them into the bowls.  Then, they will subtract the ones that do not make it into the bowls from 10.  The kids L-O-V-E-D it.

I got this idea from The First Grade Parade.  The kids spin a number from the middle of the flower and throw the butterfly flier onto a petal.  Then, they add the numbers together.

Leap Frog!  This game focuses on quantity discrimination.  It's from Deanna's Frog Frenzy pack.

Build a picture pattern block game (from Katie Mense's Pattern Block pack)

Count the room (from my pack)

Here are links to these resources:

To learn more about frogs, we watched used BrainPop Jr. and read some fantastic non-fiction books about frogs. 

Then, we dove right into a froggy fact and opinion lesson!

This came from Deanna's Frog Frenzy unit!

The kids had so much fun deciding what was a fact and what was an opinion.  They were so funny when going through the statements.  

From there, we created cute little froggy opinion writings.  The kids wrote how they felt about frogs, then supported their opinion with a fact about frogs.  

This is hard to read, but it says, "I think frogs are cute.  They can be small."

"I think frogs are disgusting.  They are slimy."

We also have some special visitors to our classroom...

Yes, those are tadpoles!

Check back tomorrow to see what we do with some of our favorite fluttering friends!

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