April 29, 2015

Baseball Week is in Full Swing!

Baseball week is in full swing, and boy, has it been fun!  

I grew up watching the Cincinnati Reds.  Actually, it was a tradition for my dad and me to go to Opening Day... And yes, I got to skip school to go. :)

When my team and I were planning themes for this school year, I mentioned the idea of doing a baseball week.  This group of students LOVES baseball...  So it was just natural to include it in our list of themes for this year.

The most popular part of the week has been, hands down, math baseball!  

I visited my local Dollar Tree this weekend to buy a set of bases and some white paper plates.  Using a red Sharpie, I turned those white plates into baseballs with addition and subtraction facts written on them.  

We set out the bases in our classroom, broke into teams, and voila!  Math baseball was invented.

We are also doing this same game with sight words!

I also found this giant beach ball shown in this picture at Michael's.  

I really didn't know what we would do with it when I bought it, but it didn't take long to figure out that no matter what we did, the kids would LOVE IT!

We've been using it to practice spelling words this week...  Simply toss it to a friend, and I give them a word to spell!  

Isn't it funny how the simplest objects can make ANYTHING fun?!?! :)

We have also used some fantastic digital resources, including a video on Louisville Slugger bats from the Yankees

and baseball books on MyOn.

On Monday, we taste tested Cracker Jacks!  About half the class loved them.  About half the class loved the prize only. :)

We spent a lot of time on fact and opinion.

and made these adorable baseball kiddos from A Cupcake for the Teacher.

This product includes an adorable writing prompt, but I wanted my students to incorporate technology into this activity.  We used KidBlog to write blog posts about our favorite baseball teams (keeping with the fact and opinion theme).

We still have a few baseball activities to do this week, but we are moving full-force into DERBY STUFF tomorrow!  Check back to hear about all the fun!

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