April 22, 2015

Kentucky Derby Fun!

In my neck of the woods, the Kentucky Derby is a HUGE deal.  

Things got started around here last Saturday, when Thunder Over Louisville (one of the biggest fireworks shows in the country) lit up the skies of the Louisville area.  Of course, I was in Nashville with my blogging buddies doing all the Pop-See-Ko all over town, but we typically enjoy the fireworks... From our television in our living room.  Folks, I am not one for huge crowds of people.  Forgive me, please.

After the Derby Festivities kick off, we love celebrating in our classrooms as well.  

At my school, it has been a long standing tradition to do a stick horse race on Derby Eve.  After making these horses with yard sticks (donated by Home Depot) and a paper pattern that is probably older than the school itself, we compete in the Run for the Reeses. 

Last year's crown was a wee bit heavy... :)

We also create BIG hats for the kiddos to wear for our Derby-Eve celebration.

I use a lot of stuff from Abby’s unit.

I also use these awesome stations I created a couple of years ago.

It will be 20% off through the weekend!

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