January 15, 2015

Snow Much Fun with ChatterPix

Hi there!  Notice anything new?  Our new blog design is up and running, thanks to the amazing Megan from A Bird In Hand Designs.  We love our new look, and we hope you do, too.

My kindergarten class has been studying states of matter this week.  We've been working hard to learn about solids, liquids, and gases.  We've utilizedBrainPop Jr. for some fantastic resources on the topic.  Today, we usedPicCollage to show the states of matter in our environments.  We were even so lucky to have a heat wave (if you would call 40 degrees a heat wave) to go outside and find some objects that fit the bill. 

Here are some examples of student work.

In reading this week, we read one of my favorites, Sneezy the Snowman.  Each week, we use our interactive reading notebooks to document our comprehension.  To create these, we use the app Book Creator to compile our work.  Side note--If you don't have the Book Creator app, get it.  It's worth every penny.

Earlier in the week, one of our district's tech people introduced me to the appChatterPix Kids (free in the iTunes store).  From what she described, I knew I would love the app.  My wheels started spinning, and I thought we could easily integrate it into our reading notebooks, especially with a book as relevant to this time of year as Sneezy.

After revisiting the story, I instructed the students to open the DoodleBuddy app and draw a picture of a Sneezy.  Cuteness ensued as they drew incredibly cute pictures...  Since DoodleBuddy doesn't have an export option, I had the students take a screenshot of their picture.  

Then the fun began.  We opened ChatterPix Kids for the first time.  I gave them an example using a selfie (which they ALWAYS think is hilarious...).  Then, I walked them through the process of creating their video. 

After creating our ChatterPix Kids and enjoying watching our creations, we uploaded our videos to our reading notebooks.  

For your enjoyment, here is an adorable example of one student's work.

January 11, 2015

Peek At Our Week: States of Matter and Frozen Fun!

I'm linking up with Deedee to share a peek at our week!  

This week is all about states of matter.  We will be utilizing Brain Pop Jr., lots of books on MyOn, and this great resource from Elizabeth.

Click the image to view it on TPT.

We will also be conducting the cutest science experiment I believe I've ever seen.

Click the image to learn more.

We will also be starting our spelling unit.  We've been working on blending words for a while now, and we have been focusing on word families for quite some time as well.  Our district has always started spelling right after Christmas break, so now is the time!  

This summer, I created this resource perfect for the kindergarten classroom.

Click to view in TPT

For our brand-new Spelling Work Station, kids will be able to choose from a variety of options from this pack, including a QR code that will take you directly to a custom list on Spelling City.  There is also a stamping spelling words option, as well as a painting spelling words option.  I believe my kiddos will love these activities!

We also are finishing up our second grading period and first semester this week, which means we have teacher records day on Wednesday.  I will be cranking out report cards that day, but we will also be discussing our school's first ever Digital Snow Make-Up Day...  More to come on that!

I am so excited for this week!  I've never done a unit on states of matter, and I think it will be one to continue year to year!

Click on the images of the lesson plans to see them in a larger view.

Have a great week!

January 10, 2015

GoNoodle Sanity Savers

When people ask me my favorite teaching resources, GoNoodle is ALWAYS one of the first ones I recommend.  To some, it may just look like fun and games.  Well, it is... But doesn't everyone agree that kids learn best when they are having FUN and are ENGAGED???  I could go on and on for days.  

I have had the privilege to blog for GoNoodle twice now.  You can read the posts here and here.

GoNoodle will transform your classroom.  I kid you not.  I've learned so much about how to incorporate these fun brain breaks into my classroom from the thousands of teachers that use GoNoodle every day.  And, I must add, GoNoodle is one of the most teacher-loving companies out there.  Seriously, they love us.

Today, I am linking up with my online friend, Elizabeth from Kickin' It In Kindergarten (we must meet soon!!!) for my GoNoodle Sanity Savers.  Check out her blog.  She has some great stuff!!!

Favorite GoNoodle Brain Break
I have to agree with my Kindergarten Kids on this one... WE LOVE KOOKOO KANGAROO!  

My own little kindergartener has their songs downloaded on his iPod, so we rock out to KooKoo Kangaroo on a regular basis.  

My top 5 favorites are (in no particular order):

Dino Stomp

I need no words to explain why this is one of my favorites...

Ninja Training

And again, no words needed... Because who doesn't want to be a ninja?!?!


I love this one for when the kids are just a little rowdy.  They still get to see their favorite band in the land, and they get to chillax for a second.  Win-Win.

No Crust

I chose this one because my own two children LOVE this song.  Now that they have heard it, though, I get their awesome rendition of this song while making their PB&Js. :)

Roller Coaster

This one is my number one.  For sure.  I LOVE IT!  The kids love it, too.  

My Happy Place

Anywhere with these three...

But with these three at Disney is always better...
My name is Brittany, and I am a Disney fanatic.

Guilty Pleasure
Those who know me best know that I don't function well without my morning tea.  Whether it's 100 degrees or -22 windchill, I have my iced sorta sweet tea in my hand almost every morning.  If I don't, it's going to be a rough morning.  :)

My favorite is a half-cut (meaning a dash of sweet with mostly unsweet) tea with no ice from the Golden Arches.  I've also discovered that Sonic has a great sorta sweet tea as well, but I love their ice.  

I've recently discovered boutique shopping.  My favorite little boutique is actually fairly close to my house...  If you haven't checked out Dottie Couture Boutique, you must!  You can also order online for FREE SHIPPING!!!  I've gotten quite a few items, both in store and online, and I've been very pleased!

They also have some cute things for the home... This must find a place in my house soon.

My family and I also love Nashville.  We try to go as often as possible.  We would LOVE living there someday.  

This guilty pleasure, however, isn't our home away from home.  As much as I hate to admit it, it's the TV show.  

As I watch it every week, I question why I continue to watch, but I can't help it.  I must know what happens with Rayna James!!!

I can't believe I even admitted that to y'all.


We're all in this together.  Trust me when I say GoNoodle will make your day a little easier and a lot happier!  


January 4, 2015

Peek at Our Week!

I'm linking up with Deedee for a quick peek at our week!

This sums up how I feel about tomorrow...

Real talk, friends...  I haven't done one lick of school work this break.  Well, I did work some on a winter pack that I plan to use with my kiddos next week (be on the lookout in my TPT store!), but other than that... Zero... Zilch... Nadda.

On the last day of school before break, our wonderful principal takes our students from 1:00-2:30 for an all-school movie in the gym.  We get to work in our classrooms during that time, so I got everything done for this week then.  And guess what... Between Christmas Chaos, PJ days, and snuggles with my kiddos... I don't remember exactly what's on tap for this week!  I know our basics, but for the details... Not a clue.  The plan is to go in early in the morning and refresh my memory. :)

I do know we will be working on WORDS a lot!  In the Hoosier state, we will be giving the second round of DIBELS starting next week.  I know my kids have letter ID and initial sounds down pat, but we will be hitting blending letters into words hard this week.  We've been talking about it lots and lots, but there's never too much when it comes to that!  

Here's a glimpse at what we will be doing this week.  I apologize for the lack of what we will be doing during our literacy and math station time... That's the one part I just can't remember! :)

Here's to tomorrow! :)

January 2, 2015

Five for Friday

I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for the very first Five for Friday of 2015!

Is Christmas break really almost over?  Although the first part of the break was total insanity with so many get togethers and stops to make, the last part has been fantastically lazy.  My sweet girl was sick with the sinus junk that she gets every year at this time, so we hunkered down and did nothing.  We did venture out on New Year's Day to get Happy Meals through the drive thru (mostly because Momma needed a tea), and yesterday, I had to get a gallon of milk, but other than that, this week has been a PJ, playing, and movies kind of week.  I'm not ready for it to end.

Along the lines of Christmas, I have to share our beautiful Christmas card with you.  It's my favorite yet!

When we go back to school Monday, we will be full-on in assessment mode.  The end of the second grading period falls the second week back to school, so I will be pulling kiddos aside to assess them one-on-one.  If you haven't checked out ESGI, you really should.  

Before ESGI, my days would be spent putting kids in centers for days on end, or *gasp* putting in a movie for them to watch.  Now that I have ESGI to use, I literally save hours of instructional time.  You can check it out by clicking the link in my side bar!

Yesterday, I got this notification...

What, What?!?!  Back in the fall, I created a project for four stability balls to use for student seating.  Let me tell you, they work wonders for kids who need to get their wiggles out.  It was funded within the day.

Only problem... When you are 5, you really just want to sit on the bright, shiny, orange ball.  Only having four created an issue among my kiddos who didn't necessarily need to get the wiggles out.  So, I created another project to complete my class set of stability balls.  

Yesterday, that project was funded!  My kiddos will be thrilled.

Have you signed up for the French Lick Blogger Meet-Up yet?  If not, you can here.

Last year's meet-up was amazing.  This year will be even better!  

The resort is absolutely beautiful, so whether you are coming for the day or planning on relaxing there for the weekend, it will be worth it!

I mentioned in my Currently blog post that I would be presenting at ISTE in Philadelphia this summer.  I am so very excited for this adventure!  

ISTE is the international technology conference for educators.  Thousands upon thousands of people will flock to Philly in June/July to learn, collaborate, and network with the best of the best.  I am still in shock that they chose me to be a presenter.

My presentation will be a poster-style presentation where five of my students and I will share what PBL looks like in a kindergarten classroom.  

So, not only will I be sharing my passion, I will be giving five of my students the opportunity to share at the international level.  My mind is blown!  

I pray that this opportunity opens doors for 2015.

Be sure to check back on Sunday for a Peek at Our Week! :)