April 23, 2015

Our Earth Day PSA

We have been fully immersed in all things Earth Day this week!  We have learned so many ways to help our planet, and I wanted to have my students apply what they had learned into one, final project.  

Last year, my class created a PSA for Earth Day.  They did such a great job that I knew I wanted to do this with my class again this year.  

Since we are 1:1 now, I organized the project a little differently.  I knew that in the time allotment we had today, there was no way I could have each small group create their own videos.  With Career Day taking up the bulk of our day tomorrow, our deadline to finish our video was today.  While my students would have been fully capable of making videos in their groups, I decided we could get the same impact with just one.  

First, I broke the kids into five groups.  We brainstormed ways we could help the Earth, and each group chose one to showcase.  In their groups, the kids created their scenes and found their props.  Then, they wrote their scripts!

Each group recorded their part, then submitted the video to me through eBackpack.  Then, I imported each video into iMovie, had the kids create and edit the captions, and voila!  The video is complete!

Enjoy our Earth Day message!

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  1. They did such a great job on the PSA! Career day looks like a blast too (saw some pics on Facebook). Have a great weekend!

    A Very Curious Class