August 10, 2014

5 Ways GoNoodle Will Make Your Year

Last week, I was featured as a guest blogger for GoNoodle.  Below, you can read my thoughts on why I think GoNoodle will make your year.  Read until the end, though... There's a pretty awesome giveaway!

Every now and then, something comes along and changes the way you do things. I teach in a school that is on the cutting-edge technology wise, so because of the availability of technology, I have done brain breaks for years. However, I was going here, there and everywhere to find them on the web!  “Why not tryGoNoodle?” I thought to myself.  I haven’t looked back!
With a new school year on the horizon, I want to encourage you to give GoNoodle a try.  I don’t think you will regret it, but just in case you need a little encouragement, here are some reasons I think your classroom will never be the same after using GoNoodle…
1.  Active students are happier and healthier.
I know I’m not alone in feeling concern about the sedentary nature of children today.  At home and in the classroom, students sit much more often than they should.
With brain breaks that include Zumba and yoga, GoNoodle gets your students out of their seats, moving and learning.  Win-win.
Personally, GoNoodle has served an even bigger purpose in my daily schedule.  My county is 92 out of 92 in all of the health rankings for Indiana.  My school also does not have a PE teacher.  GoNoodle has given my students the opportunity to run with Olympic athletes, do Zumba without leaving our classroom, and do a calming round of yoga.  I can easily get my students moving, and they love it!
2.  Safe, appropriate brain breaks kick worrying to the curb.
Let me tell you a story.  Once upon a time, in a land before GoNoodle, a teacher was trying to find a brain break for her students.  The teacher had her interactive board ready to go, and went to YouTube to find one of the class favorites.  All of a sudden, an advertisement for a non-kindergarten appropriate company appeared on the screen.  Luckily, none of the students really noticed, but the teacher was mortified.
You guessed it. That teacher was me.
GoNoodle has taken that risk out of the equation.  Whether you use the free or GoNoodle Plus version, you can show brain break videos without the risk of a suggestive ad appearing on your screen.
3.  Goal setting gives students motivation to work together.
To make GoNoodle even more engaging, each time you log into the site, you will see your avatar, better known as your Champ.  The Champ instantly became a class mascot for my class!
For each brain break you play on GoNoodle, you will grow your champ.  Your students can see their progress, and in turn, they want to do more brain breaks.  This visual motivator is so powerful, you will instantly see your students excited!
4.  Focus, focus focus.
Getting ready to take a test?  Try some yoga on GoNoodle to help the calm come over your classroom!  In the middle of benchmark assessment (and we all know—that takes forever)?  Try a dance video that will give your kids a few minutes of fun while getting their wiggles out.
Not only are GoNoodle’s brain breaks fun, some of the premium brain breaks of GoNoodle Plus focus on academic areas, such as math.  Kids are always more engaged when they are moving around, which leads to better focus.  That right there is reason enough to try GoNoodle!
5.  Good, old-fashioned FUN!
I have to admit:  When we are GoNoodling, I have to join in.  Funky Chicken?  I’m on it.  Belting out Everything is Awesome and dancing our socks off?  I’m in.  If I’m having fun, I know my students are having fun, too.  We have yet to find a brain break we dislike on GoNoodle.  Unlike other brain breaks, I never have to look far to find exactly what I need for my students using GoNoodle.  It’s an amazing resource for fun in your classroom!
I know that GoNoodle made my year last school year.  What are you waiting for?  Let GoNoodle make your year, too!
To help you get EXCITED about using GoNoodle, I have a little something to offer you!
GoNoodle just opened up their swag shop, filled with goodies that you would love to sport!
I'm giving away a GoNoodle Swag Bag filled with things you will love!

In addition to the awesome stickers, canvas bag, headband, shirt, and TUMBLER(!!!), GoNoodle has also thrown in a $25 gift card so you can get some more awesome goodies for your classroom.  

These items are in my cart right now...

I want this on my classroom window...

And this around my neck for my school ID...

I don't know about your students, but mine would do pretty much anything for a new pencil.  I give them as a reward for finishing their homework tic-tac-toe board each week!  These Champ pencils would make them go wild!!!

If you're wanting to stock up on any of these items, you can get 30% off your order using the code KINDERKIDS.  Simply click any of the pictures above, and shop away!

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