January 15, 2015

Snow Much Fun with ChatterPix

Hi there!  Notice anything new?  Our new blog design is up and running, thanks to the amazing Megan from A Bird In Hand Designs.  We love our new look, and we hope you do, too.

My kindergarten class has been studying states of matter this week.  We've been working hard to learn about solids, liquids, and gases.  We've utilizedBrainPop Jr. for some fantastic resources on the topic.  Today, we usedPicCollage to show the states of matter in our environments.  We were even so lucky to have a heat wave (if you would call 40 degrees a heat wave) to go outside and find some objects that fit the bill. 

Here are some examples of student work.

In reading this week, we read one of my favorites, Sneezy the Snowman.  Each week, we use our interactive reading notebooks to document our comprehension.  To create these, we use the app Book Creator to compile our work.  Side note--If you don't have the Book Creator app, get it.  It's worth every penny.

Earlier in the week, one of our district's tech people introduced me to the appChatterPix Kids (free in the iTunes store).  From what she described, I knew I would love the app.  My wheels started spinning, and I thought we could easily integrate it into our reading notebooks, especially with a book as relevant to this time of year as Sneezy.

After revisiting the story, I instructed the students to open the DoodleBuddy app and draw a picture of a Sneezy.  Cuteness ensued as they drew incredibly cute pictures...  Since DoodleBuddy doesn't have an export option, I had the students take a screenshot of their picture.  

Then the fun began.  We opened ChatterPix Kids for the first time.  I gave them an example using a selfie (which they ALWAYS think is hilarious...).  Then, I walked them through the process of creating their video. 

After creating our ChatterPix Kids and enjoying watching our creations, we uploaded our videos to our reading notebooks.  

For your enjoyment, here is an adorable example of one student's work.

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  1. OMGoodness! That video is adorable! I am on a mission to get 1:1 ipads!