July 1, 2014

July Currently!

Seriously?  July?  It doesn't seem possible.  In the next two weeks, I will begin to work in my classroom again, even though it just feels like yesterday that I wrapped up the 2013-2014 school year.  Insanity, I tell you.

I'm linking up with Farley from Oh Boy 4th Grade! for this month's currently!

I've spent the most AMAZING week at ISTE.  In fact, I'm still here!  Today is the last day, and I have so much to share.  But this is a quick post, so keep a look out for more on my experience at ISTE.

I'm planning on doing absolutely nothing work related the rest of the week.  This summer has been filled with school stuff.  I'm not complaining one little bit, but man... I need a few days of nothing but summer fun! :)  

I hope your July is FANTASTIC! :)


  1. Hope you are having so much fun at ISTE! Can't wait to hear all about it!

  2. The next 2 weeks? Already? Wow, good luck! Excited to hear more about your adventures at ISTE!

    Fun in PreK-1 & Kinder

  3. Make time for a nap for sure! I love naps and agree that taking a break from school stuff is good every once in a while.
    Funky First Grade Fun