June 19, 2014

Guided Math Book Study--Chapter 4

Welcome back!  This chapter was all about using guided math in the whole class setting.  It was probably my favorite chapter so far!

In this chapter, Sammons discusses the advantages and challenges of whole-group instruction.   She visits the history of education, noting that whole-group instruction has been around since the beginning of time. :)  There is definitely a place for whole-group instruction, but using this method is appropriate in a handful of scenarios:
*teaching mini lessons
*activating strategies
*reading math-related literature
*setting the stage for Math Workshop
*conducting a Math Huddle
*practice and review

When thinking about my own math routine, I felt the need to reflect upon my own math block.  

I feel as if I follow the structure Sammons describes, but the part that intrigued me the most was the Math Huddle.  My current schedule doesn't allow much time for student reflection.  I will definitely be adding that component into my math block!

During my whole-group time, I always try to find time to incorporate technology.  We use the apps DoodleBuddy and PicCollage A LOT in our practice time.  For example, when we studied addition and subtraction, I would have my students open DoodleBuddy, draw a picture depicting an addition/subtraction problem, and then share it with the class.  When studying measurement, we took pictures of items in our art boxes, opened PicCollage, and made a collage of the items from shortest to longest.  

Example of the measurement practice.

While I'm not a proponent of a teacher lecturing for a solid hour, I do think it's necessary when teaching new skills to students.  This chapter perfectly described how whole-group instruction should occur in a classroom.

When looking at my schedule, quite a bit of my math block does consist of whole-group instruction; however, I feel as if it's a good balance.  I do tend to lean more toward whole-group instruction when introducing a new concept, but I think that's justifiable.  

As stated above, I tend to lean more on whole-group instruction when introducing a new concept.  I'm not sure how you can get around it in kindergarten.  So much of what they learn is 100% fresh material.  Seeing the growth my students make in 180 days proves that whole-group instruction is effective, but there has to be plenty of time for other methods as well.

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