March 30, 2014

Indiana Bloggers $1 Sale

Indiana is such a funny state.  Half of the state is starting spring break this week, half of the state is ending spring break today (like me... Sadsville), and there are some stragglers who either don't get a spring break thanks to the Snowpocolypse we had this year, or have it at some other random time.

No matter what your spring break situation might be, let's celebrate the return of beautiful weather and the exit of snow (fingers crossed) with a little $1 sale!  Over 65 IN bloggers are marking items in their TPT shops down to $1 TODAY ONLY!  I am slashing the price of these items:
A zoo themed write the room station activity

My students love I Have, Who Has!  They could play it any time of day, for any skill, and still squeal with excitement.  They love this sight word version!

And of course...  Some Kentucky Derby Fun!  My class does the Derby up in a big way.  Being only 30 minutes from Louisville, our neck of the woods LOVES the Derby!  I'll let you in on a little secret, too...  I'm going to add a TON to this pack in the next few weeks, so you can buy this for $1 and get at least double of what is currently included in time for the Derby!  That's a STEAL!!! :)

Check out the other goodies from more talented Indiana bloggers.  You won't be sorry, and you won't be broke, either! :)

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