April 5, 2014

Spring Blogger Meet-Up BLOG HOP!!!

I don't really know if I'll ever stop talking about all the fun we had that one time when we went to French Lick.  If you ever have the chance to participate in a meet up, DO IT!!!

We started off the weekend at the beautiful French Lick Resort and Casino.  My family and I are regulars here, so the hotel's beauty wasn't anything new, but entering the lobby always takes my breath away.  If you have kids, I very highly recommend going at Christmastime for The Polar Express train ride.  All of the local hotels have packages that include tickets to the event, and the train ride itself is my favorite family tradition we have.  Seriously, you should check into it.

The meet up was best described as legend... wait for it... dary.  (Sorry for the How I Met Your Mother reference.  I'm still in mourning.)  Holly is Super Woman.  Should she ever leave education (which she definitely should not), I can see her making it big as a party planner.  From the beautiful decorations from Schoolgirl Style, to the swag, to the communication, she is on it! 

The meet up started off with a Teacher Tool Swap.  We played a fun game to get a random teacher tool.  In the end, I was THRILLED to get my favorite FLAIR PENS!!!  

Not just a small pack, either... But every. single. color.  Love everything about these things.

Then, Holly turned into Oprah and gave away tons of GREAT things!  I was lucky enough to win a gift certificate to Crystal Springs Books, which will come in handy if I get to go to VEGAS!!!

This weekend was wonderful for SO many reasons, but I want to share my three favorite takeaways for the weekend.

First of all, I needed this weekend.  Teaching is my passion, but let's face it... sometimes it's easy to get really close to burnt-out.  Not only was I surrounded by rock stars all weekend, but I also got to spend time with great friends.  

(From left--Lindsey, Tiffany, Jena, Marissa, and me)

Professionally, a takeaway from the weekend was the amazing POOL NOODLE!  One of the bloggers gave pool noodles for her favorite teacher tool, and not because she's an avid swimmer.  Basically, you cut pool noodles into pieces to represent tens and ones.  I have an entire blog post devoted to this very thing coming on Monday!  Check back for how I am using these in my classroom!

Finally, this meet up was an amazing opportunity to network.  I don't have aspirations of becoming a millionaire from this gig, but I do have high hopes of showcasing the amazing things my students do on a daily basis.  Meeting all of these rock star bloggers gave me lots of insight to how to get yourself out there.  Greg gave so many great tips during his "blogger talk", and I walked away feeling very motivated to blog more often.  Sure, life gets busy, but there is ALWAYS time to blog! :)

Now... for the good stuff!  All of my BFFs (Blogging Best Friends) and I are giving away lots of great stuff from some of our meet up sponsors.  Here is a look at what you will get:

(Mega Pack from Creative Teaching Press, an amazing Vera Bradley tote, Scentos overload, and Jamberry extravaganza!)

(A gift pack from Kaeden Books, Dry Erase boards from Crayola, Boogie Boards, and an Erin Condren gift card!)


All you have to do is follow along on this amazing blog hop until the very end, and enter to win in Rafflecopter.  You won't be sorry!

Now, hop on over to THE Mel D.'s (otherwise known as Seusstastic!) blog to read about her experience and get one step closer to winning some SWAG of your own!  You won't be sorry!

Seusstastic Classroom Inspirations


  1. Awesome post, Brittany! :) I just love ya! So glad we got to meet! I've gotten so many great ideas from you already! I need to come down so we can all go to dinner! I want to hear more about the cool PBL projects you do in your room! Can't wait to share many, many more blogging adventures together! GET YOURSELF TO VEGAS, girl! :)

    1. Seriously, let's meet in Indy for dinner!

  2. Your blog is adorable! I am now following you everywhere :o)
    Seusstastic Classroom Inspirations

  3. Sounds like y'all had a lot of fun! Thanks for the great tips and giveaway!

    Katie :)
    KTP: Keep Teaching and Planning!

  4. Love Flair pens! It was so much fun meeting everyone!

  5. It was so nice to meet you in Indiana. Great wrap-up post of the weekend.

    Teaching in Blue Jeans

  6. Love the colors on your blog...cute design!! :) It was great to meet you in person. :)

  7. I'm SO happy we were able to reconnect through this meet up!! Thanks so much for making me feel like a member of your team for the day! Hope to see you in real life again soon! :)

    First Grade STARS

  8. Love your post! I am so glad we were able to meet! I loved getting to know you girls. I can't wait for the next time!

    Mrs. Pauley’s Kindergarten

  9. It was so great meeting you!! You have so many great ideas, your PBL posts have totally got me thinking...

    Smack Dab in the Middle

  10. It was so great meeting you, Brittany! I also teach with PBL--- love to knock around some ideas with you!