July 16, 2013

Made It Monday... On Tuesday :)

Better late than never, right???  

My Made It Monday just didn't happen on Monday.  This week has been a little hectic {to say the very least}, or I might have just forgotten what day it was, but really, I'm just a day late to the party.

For this week's edition of Made It Monday, I am showing an {almost} finished product from my TpT shop.  I have a feeling my new alphabet letter line is going to be one of my new favorite things in my classroom.  I have made it in a sweet little shade of Tiffany blue with chevron, pennants, AND chalkboard accents {trendy alert!}.  This product is available in both D'Nealian (Modern Manuscript) as well as Manuscript.  If you are really sweet, I will even change the color from Tiffany blue to any shade to match your classroom. :)  The pictures on each card follow the Saxon Phonics curriculum, and vowels feature a long and short sound picture.

I apologize in advance for the horrible pictures.  I sequestered myself in my son's bedroom so I could actually finish this project without kids walking all over them. I love my children to the moon and back. :)

Here are the supplies I needed to make my banner:

1.  The pennants themselves.  These are Tiffany blue (but I can DEFINITELY customize to fit your classroom theme), chevron, and chalkboard.  Vowels are solid in the pennant shape, while consonants are chevron with a triangular shape.

2.  Ribbon.  I bought my ribbon at the Lob when it was half off.  It took about 1 1/2 rolls.  I used a hole punch to make holes in each of the top corners, then threaded the ribbon.  I put 5 pennants on each group, but of course, 26 is not divisible by 5, so there is one group of 6.

And here is the finished product, ready to go up on my classroom wall!

I must say, I cannot wait to get into my classroom tomorrow afternoon and hang these bad boys up.  I am going to put pom flowers on both ends of the banner for an added flair.  I will post pictures to my Instagram and Facebook as soon as I get it up!

What's that?  You'd like to have this little piece of adorableness in your classroom?  Well, don't fear!  You can buy them in my TpT shop, and until Saturday, both the D'Nealian and Manuscript versions are 20% off!

I have some exciting news to share with you too... Check back Friday to see my favorite Pins of the week, as well as hear what is going on in my {blogging} life! 


  1. Oooh...your alphabet banner is so cute! I have already placed it in my TpT cart. Thanks for making a D'Nealian version for those of us that are required to teach it! :)

  2. I just read your post on Mrs. Thigpen's Class. I never thought to use iMovie with my students. Thanks! I'm the guest blogger on Monday.

    A Very Curious Class

  3. I came over after seeing your guest post on Mrs. Thigpen's Class. I guest post next week. :)
    Polka Dot Kinders

  4. I love the idea of a pennant ABC line!! So cute! Don't forget, you'll be featured on my blog tomorrow!
    :) Dana
    Common to the Core

  5. Hi!
    I've nominated you for a Liebster Award! Hop on over to my blog to find out how to accept! :)

    And this banner is too adorable!

    Rooting for Third Grade

  6. I love your pennant ABCs! They are too cute!