June 30, 2013

Currently and a Sale!

I'm linking up to Farley at Oh Boy Fourth Grade!  for her Currently Linky party!  Fun, fun!

Also, I am having a sale in my little shop tomorrow!  My favorite back to school items will be 20% off until midnight tomorrow night.  Be sure to check it out!


  1. My husband watches all those "men shows" as I call them too! Have fun painting your room tomorrow!


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  3. I would LOVE to paint my classroom! What color did you choose? We have blah wallpaper right now. I just found your blog through your July Currently and I love the chevron! CUTE!


  4. My to-do list sounds just like yours...I do love checking things off though.

    I'm going to get an accent wall painted in my room. We have a volunteer day in August before school starts and I asked for that to be one of my jobs. :)

    Share some pictures when your classroom is all painted.

    The Learning Chambers