March 20, 2013

Whoa Nelly! I'm BACK!!!

Well, it has been a BAJILLION years since I last blogged.  I have been SO BUSY keeping up with my Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Teachers Pay Teacher, and so on...  My poor little cute blog has suffered.  I plan to change that!

Anyway, we are full-swing in weather mode!  On Monday, we studied clouds.  We read It Looked Like Spilled Milk by Charles Shaw.  We then watched a video from my My Big Campus bundle on clouds.  The kiddos loved learning about cumulus, cumulonimbus, stratus, and cirrus clouds.  I made this cute little anchor chart (inspired by the amazing Abby at The Inspired Apple).

The kids loved it!  After we labeled each cloud, the kids put on their thinking caps to make cotton ball clouds and write about them.  Here are some of those sweet babies' works of art!

" My cloud is cumulonimbus.  It looks like a potato."

"My cloud is cumulonimbus.  It looks like Si." {Nothin' like a little Duck Dynasty love!}

On Tuesday, we began our Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs book study.  The kids began to write their very own versions of this classic story.  Unfortunately, I totally forgot to take a picture!  We will be finishing them up tomorrow, so hopefully I can remember to break out the camera. :)

We also studied the water cycle.  I used a lot of ideas from Cara Carroll's weather unit.  We made an anchor chart of the water cycle, and then the kids labeled their own water cycle.  We also watched another video from my MBC bundle.  Here are some of the pictures:

Our anchor chart

Student version

Today, I was in meetings most of the morning.  This afternoon, we did our Scholastic Weekly Reader about wind.  Does anyone else get a subscription to this?  If so, you can access SO MANY resources from this site to go along with your Weekly Reader.  My kids love everything about that site!  It has made the Weekly Reader so much more engaging and INTERESTING to the kids!  I'm all about that!

Now for a FREEBIE!  I have mentioned My Big Campus a couple of times in this post.  My district has an account for each teacher.  In older grades, the students use it for everything.  It is an awesome tool for those kiddos!  For the youngins', it is a great way to deliver digital content (such as YouTube videos) without all the hassle.  Since I am blessed to have a set of 7 iPads in my class, I often use QR codes to help my sweeties easily access content I want them to view.  

QR codes are AWESOME for little ones.  All you need is a device, a QR code reader app, and a QR code.  Each week, I create a bundle on MBC that goes with our unit.  There are so many wonderful resources on the Internet--I found just a few on weather that I thought my students would love and created this nifty little QR code.  Click the picture to get it for free!

Tomorrow is a huge day for our class.  Christie Dutton from Wave 3 will be visiting our class to discuss being a meteorologist!  

Next week is SPRING BREAK {squeals}...  When we get back, we will be in full-court basketball mode.  I created a sweet little unit and posted it to my Teachers Pay Teachers store.  Check it out!

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