September 13, 2012

Two Days In a Row!!! :)

This makes day number two of posting on my blog!  Yay for me! :)

As I mentioned yesterday, this week our kindergarten classes at my school are learning about community helpers.  To be honest, the first few weeks of school, our units consist of mostly reading about the topics.  Back to school time is chaotic insane, and our sweet babies just learning to come to school.  Our units tie into learning routines, procedures, how to be a good friend, getting to know you, etc.  Our first big unit is our apple unit, which is next week.  We have TONS of fun stuff planned for that...  But back to community helpers...

We have been focusing mainly on police officers and firefighters.  Today, the assistant chief from our local department came to talk to the three kindergarten classes on what he does in a day.  And the kids also...drum to see his police car.  Here are a couple of pictures:

My babies loved it!

Funny story of the day though...  One of my sweeties was standing back from the police car with his hands covering his eyes.  I thought for sure that when Mr. Policeman set off the sirens that he had gotten scared.  I asked him what was wrong, and, in his deep, southern twang said, "I don't like that car.  It's a FORD!!!"  :)  Those kids crack me up! :)

I'll post some pictures of our apple activities starting next week.  I am really excited to share them with you!

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