May 23, 2013

My Summer Bucket List

To celebrate the end of the school year, I am going to link up to a fun linky party!  Three teachers who I love to blog stalk follow are hosting a Summer Bucket List Linky Party!  (I have to fess up--my husband makes so much fun of the phrase "linky party." I don't get it either, but I guess it's just a teacher think! :)

I will admit, I am PRETTY excited about this summer.  It is the first summer in 4 years where I haven't been pregnant, nursing, pregnant with a toddler, puking my guts up from said pregnancy, nursing with a toddler in the house, or just too dang tired to do much of anything.  I have a lot on my agenda (both personally and professionally), but here are the top 5 things I want to do this summer.

1.  Potty train this little diva.  

I have loved every stage that my children have gone through so far, but the sooner my precious last child is out of diapers, the better.  Porter (my son) was so easy to potty train.  Maybe it was because he was a boy.  Maybe it's because we live in the country.  Maybe it's because he has such a sweet demeanor.  Whatever it was, I hope Claire is just as easy!

2.  Visit IKEA

I'm ashamed.  I'm ashamed to admit I have never been to IKEA.  There is one just a few hours away from me.  I feel like I haven't reached my full potential as a human being.  Sad stuff.  

A few of my teacher pals have talked about hijacking our district mini bus and high-tailing it to Ohio so we can feel fulfilled in life.  Okay, so we won't really hijack it, and we probably really won't even take a mini bus, but we are planning on making the trip. :)

Seriously though, I am pumped about this.  I want to stock up on functional things for my home and classroom.  One of my apartments in college was furnished with IKEA furniture.  While I wouldn't want it in my house, it would be PERFECTION for my classroom.  

3.  Paint my classroom

My classroom is my haven.  I love everything about it.  Well, almost.  Here is what it looked like almost completed at the beginning of the school year.

I love so many things about my classroom (the HUGE, ugly alphabet and number circle is NOT on my list of things I love about my room).  I want to freshen it up a lot bit and make it brighter and more inviting.  My district will pay for the paint if we paint it ourselves.  Suggestions wanted and welcomed! :)

4.  Be crafty, crafty, crafty!

Everyone who knows me knows that I am a little obsessed with the Hob Lob.  I love making things, whether it is for my classroom, my home, or for a friend.  The glue gun is my BFF, and I wouldn't have it any other way.  Burnt fingertips and all.  Here are some of the beauties I would like to make this summer:

Source:  Etsy  

Source:  Pinterest
I can see this hanging in our sitting room!  I can also see paint being found in various nooks and crannies for years to come after making this with my angels.  :)

I want to make this for my classroom.  Loving the chevron!

I love this.  I tried this on one half of my bulletin board at the beginning of this year.  Yes, one half.  After an hour of working and forty eleven staples, I ripped it down, cause ain't nobody got time for dat.  But it's cute.  It's really stinkin' cute.  This will be done this year.  I think going with a green background with pink border throughout my room.  Or maybe visa versa.  Either way, I think that will look like perfection. :)

5.  Spend as much time as I can enjoying and loving on these babies.

These are my babies.  They are my whole entire world.  I don't know what life was like before them.  My daughter, Claire, is 2 and full of spunk and sassiness.  She loves for Mommy to paint her nails and braid her hair.  My son, Porter, is 4 and the sweetest, most gentle soul.  He loves superheroes, Legos, and his iPad.  We all know teaching is a profession that is so tough at times for various reasons.  There is no other profession I would rather have than teaching.  I don't see it as a job; I see it as a great pleasure that I get to do every day.  However, there are many days when I would give anything to just be able to be Mommy.  I know, I know.  In just a few years, both of them will be at school with me every day, and life will be grand.  But these guys are awesome, and I sometimes feel like I miss out on a lot because I work.  I love my job and would never give it up, even if we hit the lottery and I could retire at 30 to be on the Real Housewives of Southern Indiana {it needs to happen}.  Being able to just be Mommy for a few months is the reason I so look forward to summer.  So here's to weekday snuggles; watching Dora for three hours on rainy days; water fights; picnics; trips to the zoo; vacation to the beach; scratching backs at nap time; making grilled cheese, hot dogs, PB&J, and whatever else they can think of to making me feel like a short-order cook; painting fingernails; taping Lego movies for my 4 year old to upload to YouTube (yes, I just said that... another blog entry in and of itself...); and getting to spend every minute of every day with my babies.

So there you have it, friends.  My summer bucket list.  Oh, but how could I forget the most important one...  BE PART OF A FLASH MOB.  It. Needs. To. Happen.


  1. Don't feel so bad, I have never been to IKEA either. Glad to see I'm not the only one. The closest one is about an hour and a half away.

    The Bender Bunch

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