November 2, 2014


I'm linking up with Farley for November's Currently!

Where did you go, October???

No joke, October was awesome.  Busy, but awesome.

November ushers in my favorite time of the year.  I love everything about the holiday season.  Thanksgiving is all about family.  I love to cook, so I am always in charge of our big family get together's turkey.  The smells in my house are out of this world when the bird is in the oven!  

Then there's Black Friday.  Shopping is my addiction, so it's the most amazing day.  I get together with some of my best girlfriends, we load up in a van, and shop until we literally drop.  

That all leads up to Christmas.  Oh, Christmas.  Seriously, favorite time of the year.  My favorite Christmas tradition in our home is our advent devotion, A Meaningful Christmas.  

23 of my favorite friends and I are participating this year, and we will do our big ornament swap right before Thanksgiving.  This will be my second time to go through the process, so I am excited to host this year!

Anyway... Here goes my Currently.

Listening:  It's been a long weekend!  My little guy started barfing while out trick-or-treating on Friday, so we are all so tired from that.  My daughter stayed with Grandma last night to stay away from the sickness, so she partied all night!  Right now, I am winding down while watching some Food Network while she snoozes next to me. :)

Loving:  My family and I had a big Sunday dinner today to celebrate my grandparent's anniversary and my aunt's birthday.  I love getting to spend time with my extended family and feel very blessed to still have all of my sweet grandparents.

Thinking:  Although we don't have school on Tuesday due to Election Day, our staff still meets for some good old PD.  I am presenting with our superintendents on priority standards, so I am a little nervous about that!  I'm also finishing up some Veteran's Day things for the upcoming weeks, which is wonderful, but a lot of work!

Wanting:  Is it just me, or is this year flying by?  It seems as if it's going even faster than usual.  My little guy is not only in kindergarten this year, but he's in my class.  It's gone great (that's always the first question everyone has), but I am trying to absorb every memory we are making this year.  I want time to slow down!

Needing:  Am I the only one who stresses about everything???  Some say their plates are full.  I have a complete smorgasbord on my hands.  I sometimes don't know how I make it all work.  I need to rely on the fact that God's got this, so there's no need to worry. :)

Reading:  I'm re-reading Teach Like A Pirate right now.  I love everything about this book.  When I'm feeling the need to be rejuvenated about teaching, I pull it out.  It's a great, fast read, so if you haven't read it yet, go get it now!


  1. I hope your baby boy feels better :( I thought I was going to barf on Halloween too.. from eating too much of this yummy toffee bark treat! My gosh, it was so good! The year is definitely flying, but I think i'm okay with it :) If I had babies though, I would want to stop time, I know it! Have a great week, and so jealous you have Election day off! ;)

  2. That is so neat that you get to have your son in your class! How fun! :)

    I keep hearing that "Teach Like a Pirate" is a good one! I'll have to check it out. Hope everyone in your house stays well. :)

    -Laura from Ms. Pretzel's Super 2nd Graders

  3. Totally random but I mentioned that I too wanted time to slow down. I feel like the older I get the faster time goes. I love your blog! Too cute!!

  4. I have never heard of Teach Like A Pirate! I will have to check this book out! Thanks for the tip! :)


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