May 25, 2014

Indiana Bloggers $1 Sale!

Memorial Day weekend is a time to remember the sacrifice our military makes each and every day.  In Indiana, this weekend also means it's Indy 500 time!  To celebrate the importance of this weekend, Indiana bloggers have decided to put some of our favorite products on sale for $1 until tomorrow evening!

I have put some of my favorites up for a deep discount.  

These are brand new to my shop.  They match my color scheme perfectly (Thanks to my friend Jena for the PERFECT color combos!), and I loved my pennant banner from last year.  I'm working on tons of classroom decor in this color scheme.  Keep an eye out for it, but grab this little gem while it's $1!  My school teaches D'Nealian handwriting, so this is what I will be using in my classroom.

But not to forget my ball-and-stick friends!  Same product, different font. Yours for one George Washington, too. :)

This is sort of new to my store as well.  My class always does a HUGE zoo unit at the end of the year, so this year I created math and literacy activities to go along with our theme.  My class loved these stations, and I know yours will too!

This is one of my favorite products ever!  We literally use this daily in my classroom.  I wanted to share it with all of my blogging friends this weekend!  It's so useful for sight word practice.

You can check out these great products PLUS tons more from fantastic Indiana bloggers!  Check out the links below to go directly to the product.  You won't be sorry, and your wallet won't be empty!

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