February 20, 2015

Five for Friday

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We haven’t been in school since last Friday.  The weather all over the country has been really crazy.  It was just last week when it was fairly warm outside, and now we are in the negative temperatures.  

Not cool, Mother Nature.  Not cool.

One positive out of this weather:  You can't make snow cream without snow!  

Here's my recipe:
*A bowl of snow (about 8 cups)
*1 14 oz. can of sweetened condensed milk
*2 tbs. vanilla (more or less to taste)
*Milk to thin it out a little

This is a childhood favorite of mine, and I'm so glad I get opportunities to make this with my kids... Even if they say it's the "Most disgusting thing they've ever eaten."  Gotta love 'em.

We celebrated my sweet boy’s sixth birthday on Tuesday.  Instead of celebrating with sharing donuts and chocolate milk with his friends at school, we celebrated at home in our PJs!  My husband had taken off to volunteer as a Watch D.O.G. on P’s birthday, so he was off with us.  That evening, the birthday boy requested the Golden Arches for dinner.  Let’s just say, they may have served 5 billion, but yuck.  Anyway… It was his birthday, so whatever. :)

How was this six years ago???

It was a really great day at home with my babies, even if it does mean we will be losing our second week of Spring Break. :)

P said his favorite part of being five was starting kindergarten and going to Disney World.  Boy after my own heart. :)

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Before Christmas, we had our head shots done, and we got them back this week!  Just in time for conference season!  

I blogged about it on Sunday night, but our school had our first Virtual/eLearning Day on Monday.  We had a snow make-up day from way back in November that we had to do on Monday, and our school board voted to allow us to try a Virtual Day, where students take their devices home to complete a day's worth of school work.  You can check out some of the pictures by searching for #scsd2elearn on social media.  

Since we wound up having a "Snow Week" with kids at home with their iPads, I sent out a challenge to students on Facebook.  I have always done this when we've had weather that causes us to cancel school, but having the kids at home with iPads opened up an entire new world of opportunity for us!

One of the challenges was to make a book in the Book Creator app about any subject they chose.  

Of course, my own child decided to make a book about the Indiana Hoosiers!

When/If we get to go back to school next week (weather isn't looking much more cooperative at the beginning of the week... Boo!), we will be resuming our President's Day study, which will lead into our Famous Americans Reports!  The kids will choose a famous American to study and create a report to present during our living wax museum.  Being out of school REALLY cramps the style of this project, but we will make it work!

By mid-week, the kids will have picked their study focus.  My little guy says he's studying Rick Flair...  His teacher (momma) said no!

The social studies lover in me LOVES this project!  

This year, I will allow students to choose the digital tool they want to use to create their projects.  I imagine most kids will choose Book Creator or iMovie to create the product, but one creation app I am going to allow students to use is My Create.  It's a stop motion animation app, and I can just see my kiddos wanting to use this app for this project!

We will also be using ChatterPix to create for this project.  I get excited just thinking about it!


  1. You and me both with all of this snow!!!! I am laughing because there are going to be so many of us still teaching President's day in to March :0) Glad you all enjoyed your days together. Have a warm weekend friend!

  2. So glad you posted that recipe, I would love to try it with my students! We have had 7 snow days, so I know exactly what you are talking about with the crazy weather!