December 30, 2013

Teachers of Instagram Linky Party

2013 is winding down and 2014 is knocking at the door!  It's hard to believe; '13 FLEW by.  This year has been fantastic in so many ways.  Of course, there have been some rough moments, but those are fleeting.

I'm linking up with Elizabeth from Kickin' It In Kindergarten for her Teachers of Instagram Linky Party.  I began using Instagram in 2013, and boy, has it changed a lot of things for me!  It has surpassed all other types of social media as my favorite form.  I have made so many connections and "Insta-friendships" through Instagram.  I'm much more faithful to post to that as opposed to blogging also.  Before you read any further, follow me!  @mrsbanisterskindergartenkids

Anyway, the point of this link party is to post your three favorite pictures from your Instagram account.  Here we go...

1.  This picture is amazing to me.  I am a huge fan of tech integration.  It definitely doesn't replace quality teaching, but effective technology use can enhance a learning so much.  In this picture, every single one of my students are logged into and using a MacBook Air.  My school currently has three MacBook carts that we can check out often, as well as six iPads per classroom.  Next year, the plan is that we will be 1:1 with iPads.  I'm excited to say the very, very least.  We haven't done too many crazy things with the MacBooks yet, but I have big plans. :)

2.  This picture is obviously from last school year, but I just love it so much.  Our school does a huge kindergarten graduation ceremony.  This picture signifies all of the blood, sweat, and tears that go into a school year.  These babies become my own each and every year, and this picture just sums up the bittersweet feelings that naturally come for me at the end of each school year.  Plus, they are pretty stinkin' cute.

3.  Obviously, any picture of these two kiddos will instantly become my favorite.  This picture was taken over fall break while we were on a wagon ride to pick pumpkins.  These two are my life.  They can make me smile no matter how bad my day is.  I love them to the moon and back. 

Now it's your turn!  Go to Elizabeth's blog to link up yourself!  While you're at it, follow me on Instagram {@mrsbanisterskindergartenkids}.

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  1. Look at how sweet your little ones are! I am way jealous of all of that fabulous technology. I can't wait to read all of the amazing things you are going to do with it!
    Thanks again for linking up!
    Kickin' it in Kindergarten

  2. I love following you on Instagram!! I agree, it's my favorite social media site to post to because it's so quick and easy! I'm much more faithful to it than I am to my blog! :)

    Enjoy the rest of your break!!

    ✿ Regina
    Keepin It Krazy

  3. Great pics of all your little ones! I especially love the technology pic. Such an amazing feeling when you know everything is humming along, and you can tell that's going on in your picture!

    The Craft of Teaching

  4. I'm loving your technology!! We're in the middle of a big technology focus group right now to determine how best to invest our bond funds...I'm excited to follow along with your tech journey!

    Happy Teacher Heaven

  5. I love your pictures! Jealous of your technology. And the ninja turtle sweatshirt--awesome! I'm your newest follower. Glad I found you through the linky!

    Always an Adventure in Kindergarten